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Detoxing the body with green tea

Detoxing the body with green tea

Drinking green tea can be such a pleasure, just to inhale all the aromas that quality green tea has inside is pure luxury that can give us plenty amount of comfort and relaxation. Throughout a history green tea has been used as a natural healing remedy for probably hundreds problems. In the past it was mostly used in ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.

Especially after bigger holidays such as easter or christmas when we eat all that rich and fatty food the detoxification is a good idea. For that kind of fast detoxification we can use green tea. In general detoxification is created to put down toxic chemicals in your body that are usually created with eating too greasy food and green tea detoxification diet might be a great idea to your diet.

Fast detoxing diet with green tea – When you are on your green tea detoxing diet, you need to eat mainly vegetables and fruits, especially those that are very colorfull such as all kind of berries, spinach, tomatoes etc. Subtitute this with healthy grains such as cous cous, quinoa, polenta buchwheat and in try to avoid all the products that contain sugar and white flour. For better results you can add in this diet lots of legumes and nuts, because the fiber will help to activate your digestion. Throughout this diet try to replace usual coffee with healthier version green tea. That kind of detox diet should not last more then 2 or 3 weeks. Even when the diet is over try to remain your habits that you learned during the detox weeks. It is good that your eating habbits will focuse mostly around vegetables, whoel grains and fruits. This will help you to stay fit and healthy and there won’t be any more need for detoxing diets in the future.