Acai berry and green tea – loosing weight

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One of the best alternative and natural techniques for weight loss are herbal remedies. Right now acai berries and green tea are the most popular prescriptions on the market. More then on research, their popularity is based on the market, but there are still some benefits under controlled conditions that green tea has shown. Acai berries are mostly unproven, but they are so popular because they are seen as a way to lose weight on a natural way. Diet and exercise are the most natural way to lose weight and not supplements

Green tea has been used without fermentation and harvested prior to full maturity, its known to be a simple regular tea. Green tea retains higher levels of polyphenols because of the processng of quick processing from plant to product. Active ingredients in green tea are polyhenols that provide all the health benefits that are also in kombucha or black tea. Green tea is known as a stimulant and has less caffeine then other teas and coffee, its also used as digestive aid, diuretic and remedy for all kinds of health issues. Green tea can be used as a weight loss remedy or as a beverage.

Famous acai berries come from South America, they grow on acai palm. Right now they are one of the major products in weight loss and overall health. They are known to be very effective with too high cholesterol, obesity, arthritis, erectile dysfuntions. Acai berries were usually not used as a medication but as a food source, althought they have lot of beneficial antioxidants. There is not a lot of researches and history about effectiveness and safety of acai berries.

There are very little researches that supports weight loss with acai berries. There will be more researches about this “magical” fruit in the future, and it is a big possibility that there will be more evidences that will come out. On the other hand green tea hd pretty much exctensively studies behind, with good results. They found out in one of the studies that green tea increased during consumption calorie burn and fat in people that are struggeling with obesity. Another study showed that a mixture of caffeine and catechins from green tea helped people maintain weight and lose weight.

Both acai berries and green tea can be taken as a tea, juice or in dried capsules. Acai berries are fruit so they can be also eaten. Keep in mind that even those studies and proven benefits of green tea wont do the work for you. If you choose green tea or acai berries both are a healthy additions to your diet, and have low calories and are high in antioxidants that can help your health in general.

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