The Best Green Tea For Weight Loss – 3 Characteristics

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The Best Green Tea For Weight Loss – 3 Characteristics

By Jade Stansfield

Ever wonder what the best green tea for weight loss happens to be?

The weight loss industry has jumped on this band wagon and is cranking out weight loss products like nobody’s business. It comes in powder, pills, leaves and bags. They advertise about the benefits of THEIR product and how it can make your body give up it’s extra fat stores fast.

Well, you can loose fat by drinking this tea, just not as much as you’d think. Weight loss comes by drinking the right kind. Here are 3 characteristics of the best green tea for weight loss.

  1. It must be a blend – Green tea puts forth an effect called “thermogenesis”. That is, it produces heat within the body, increasing fat burn. However, this brew by itself will only burn about 80 extra calories a day and, while that helps, that is not what most weigh loss candidates are looking for. There are special herbs of Eastern origin that, when added to the tea, will greatly enhance it’s thermogenisis effect and begin to take the body to a much higher level of fat burn activity.
  2. The ingredients must be fresh – I don’t have to tell you that when even the best products hit the shelves, they’ve been in their respective containers for months. As time goes by, the effectiveness of the ingredients wears off and can lesson the fat burning potential (and taste!) of the product.
  3. Make your own – If you make your own tea, you eliminate the long shelf life of prepackaged products. You blend the fresh herbs and tea yourself so it tastes better and has maximum effectiveness.

For my part, I make my own blend and it is the best by far in taste, aroma, price and effectiveness. The best green tea for weight loss is one you prepare yourself, using fresh ingredients with the right blend.

If you’re interested in downloading the recipe for this special green tea weight loss blend plus some great bonuses on greatly improving your health, go to [http://www.myteasgreen.info].

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