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Does green tea have caffeine – fat burning treatment

Weight loss with green tea

One of the most effective tools that can help to the faster loss of body fat and  which can be legally sold in our country, belongs to a combination of caffeine, green tea extract and L-carnitine. Regular nutrition, regular exercise and referred trio of caffeine, green tea extract and L-carnitine, contributes significantly to the faster loss of overweight.

Caffeine and green tea extract stimulates the secretion of fatty acids from body fat reserves, l-carnitine is used as a transport system that diverts fatty acids from blood into cell mitochondria where it is consumed as an energy source. The combination of all three substances, works better when using these substances together and not individual.

Ok, what about green tea and caffeine?
Does green tea have caffeine or not? The answer is Yes, green tea contain caffeine.
How much of caffeine contain a cup of  green tea?  It contains arround 25mg.
And how much of caffeine contain a cup of coffee? It contain arround 150 mg of caffeine.

Recommended doses in fat burning treatment

The recommended dose of caffeine amount between 150 and 200 mg (requires caution to people who are sensitive to caffeine), and 600 mg of green tea extract and 1 to 3 g of L-carnitine. The ideal time to eat a combination of substances is the time prior the exercise.  The release of fatty acids wil be in this time further increased (due to the hormones adrenaline and noradrenalinee, which is released during exercise) as well as the need for energy during the time of exercises will be much larger than usual.

Green tea, caffeine, L-carnitine – a miraculous fat burner …

L-carnitine is a substance produced by the human body from amino acids lysine and methionine. For efficient production of L-carnitine, the body needs vitamin C, iron, niacin and vitamin B6. L-Carnitine is essential for the transport of fatty acids from the blood into the cell mitochondria, which are a kind of generator of energy in cells. In case the body have a lack of L carnitine, it means also less of available energy, superfluous of long fatty acids accumulate in to the cytoplasm outside the mitochondria and cause toxicity.

At a young age and in pregnancy production of L-carnitine does not satisfay all needs of body.  The lack of L-carnitine may also occur during moderate aerobic activities such as fast walking, jogging, biking, swimming …

During the body activity in the body releasing the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, which encourage the secretion of fatty acids from fat cells (lipolysis). This process results to an increase in fatty acids in the blood and thus also to the increasing need for L-carnitine. In case you at that time add L-carnitine as a supplement to the diet, the use of fat for energy increases and causes the process of fat burning .

For maximum effect of L-carnitine on the loss of body fat it is necessary use of  2 to 4 g before exercise. For best results, it is recommended to add caffeine. It purpose during activity is to stimalte the release of fatty acids. Therefore it is advisable that before body activity take a capsule of green coffee or drink a stronger coffee. In any case, it is required intake plenty of fluids, preferably with normal water.  You’ll burn more fat if you will carry out body activities in the morning on an empty stomach. At this time the blood sugar level is low because of night starvation. Your body will as an energy source  take nothing else than your body fat reserves and starting the process of fat burning.