Drinking green tea during pregnancy

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Drinking green tea during pregnancy

There is lot of apprehension about drinking green tea during pregnancy, however there are many benefits to this non-alcoholic, low-caffeine beverage. Green tea is considered a natural health booster for people of all ages, helping to keep you away from unwanted infections and diseases.

This short list explains the benefits of consuming green tea during pregnancy.

1. It keeps your sugar levels in check while keeping your baby safe and healthy

2. It helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body

3. It relieves the problem of indigestion, which can have a negative effect on the baby

4. It’s a good alternative to coffee and other high-caffeine drinks that can be harmful for the baby, and even lead to miscarriage.

Note: As with any drink that contains caffeine, it is a good idea to avoid drinking green tea during the first trimester as it can affect the enzyme that controls levels of folic acid essential to the baby’s development, but it can be consumed safely in moderation during the second and third trimesters. The Persimmon Tree Tea Co. has an online tea store that ships all orders within 48 hours, making the process of finding and ordering loose leaf green teas easy and trouble-free.

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