Earl grey tea

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Earl grey tea

Earl Grey Tea has a beautiful and distinct flavor which derives from the rind of the bergamot orange. Bergamot is a citrus fruit typical of Southeast Asia and provides a pleasant fragrance as well as a wonderful citrus taste. The oil of bergamot, which is what gives Earl Grey Tea its amazing flavor, is a beautifully and fully flavored oil which offers amazing health benefits. Traditionally, the term “Earl Grey” was applied solely to black tea but is now more widely known for any drink that contains bergamot oil.

Earl Grey Tea’s name of origin has a rich history. This tea was named after the second Earl Grey, who was a British Prime Minister in the 1830s, who received tea flavored with bergamot oil as a gift. One legend dates this back to 1803 when one of Earl Grey’s men rescued the son of a Chinese mandarin. The Chinese mandarin presented the Earl with this bergamot oil flavored tea. This lovely little tale is not factual but often told as part of the story of the beginning of Earl Grey Tea. As noted above, bergamot oil has many health benefits. It helps heal skin conditions such as psoriasis and vitiligo and also known to help with anxiety, depression and general mood lifting.

Earl Grey Tea is a beautifully scented, tasty and good for you tea. Not only is Earl Grey Tea used just as a tasty tea, it is used as flavoring in many confectionery foods such as cakes, chocolates and sauces. Its many uses and health benefits make it one of the best teas available. There are a variety of Earl Grey Teas and Red Leaf Tea has the most extensive selection of them available.

Some types of Earl Grey Tea include:

– Breakfast
– Darjeeling
– Decaffeinated
– De la crème
– Organic
– Honeybrush
– Green
– Lavender
– Mint
– Oolong
– Raspberry
– Pu Erh
– Rose
– Silver tip
– White
– Rooibos

And this list only covers a few. While many tea stores have a few different types of Earl Grey Tea, Red Leaf Tea has an extensive selection that includes all the above teas and much more! Red Leaf has the best selection and quality of Earl Grey Tea than any other tea store! Try Red Leaf Tea and you will never go back to the tea you drank before! Red Leaf Teas focuses on fresh, loose-leaf teas, harvest with ancient methods and newly imported. If you have never enjoyed one of our familiar or exotic Red Leaf Teas, now is the time for you to try! We have tons of information about our teas for anyone with any questions, and we are always glad to share our knowledge.  Check out our website and contact us today, and enjoy yourself thoroughly as this new world of tea flavor takes off!

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