Eight new handcrafted green tea blends

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Eight new handcrafted green tea blends

Each handy two ounce bag of loose tea makes 25 cups and is packed fresh to order in our resealable flavor savor bags. “Create Tea” produces some of the finest quality teas and tea blends around. Any of our teas with the “Create Tea” label assures the highest quality and finest taste. All teas are blended to perfection and tested extensively. Come on down and visit our “Create Tea” tea booth every Friday-Sunday at the Daytona Farmer’s Market in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida.


1. FALL HARVEST GREEN TEA – We love our Fall harvest Green Tea blend! Think of this as a tea jubilee! Just the right mix of our organic grown Sweet Cinnamon Chips, Hibiscus Flowers, Vanilla Beans, Home Dried Apples, Chamomile Flowers and our premium GenMaiCha Green Tea. This tea is quickly becoming a favorite of serious tea drinkers!

2. CHOCOLATE GREEN TEA – This tea blend was created from several customer requests. I guess some just love their chocolate in everything! We add our organic grown cacao nibs to our premium Sencha Green Tea in this blend. We can’t tell you our secrets but we can assure that this is a pretty good tea for anyone who wants a touch of chocolate flavor in their tea cup.

3. MOROCCAN MINT GREEN TEA – This Moroccan Mint Tea is delightful and contains a perfected hand blended mix of organic grown Peppermint Leaf, SpearmintSpearmint Leaf, and Green Tea Sencha!

4. GENMAICHA GREEN TEA – Our exclusive GenMaiCha Green Tea blend is a taste to try! Genmaicha Tea is a different sort of Japanese tea that many find as a desired taste. While the green leaves are being dried, rice kernels are added. The kernels get crispy and some burst open. The genmaicha has a unique appearance and a pleasant roasted flavor. Think of it as the “Moca Latte” of tea

5. SENCHA GREEN TEA – Our exclusive Sencha Green Tea is a taste to try! Green tea in its most common form, Sencha is grown in the full sun until harvest. There are many grades of sencha green tea, however they should not be confused with lower grades of late harvest green teas such as bancha or kukicha that are often encountered. All “Create Tea” brand sencha green tea are freshly packaged within a short time from when you purchase them which assures the highest quality and taste.

6. CINNAMON GREEN TEA – One of our favorite teas during fall and winter is our Cinnamon Green Tea and also our Apple Spice Green Tea! Anything made with our organic grown sweet cinnamon chips is a delight to the senses! Our premium Sencha Green tea is handcrafted with just the right amount of sweet cinnamon chips for a pleasant and relaxing tea.

7. FLORDA ORANGE GREEN TEA – One of our favorite teas period! Think of our fresh dried Florida Oranges mixed with our premium Sencha Green Tea! Yes your taste buds will thank you! With this tea you get all the health benefits of our Green Tea along with a hint of the finest Florida Orange citrus flavor. We consider this to be one of Florida’s Finest teas! It doesn’t get better than our homemade handcrafted blends! Try a bag today!

8. APPLE SPICE GREEN TEA – This Apple Green Tea is the perfect tea for any time! We dry our own apples in small batches and then blend these into our succulent Sencha Green Tea with a fine touch of our organic grown Sweet Cinnamon Chips for any amazing aroma and taste! This is one tea which you will crave over and over again! Great on any cold evening or around a fire! A true holiday tea favorite also!

You can choose from over 35 specialty handcrafted tea blends and place your order in person or online 24/7! Florida Herb House is an all natural store featuring over 1500 organic grown and all natural herbs and gourmet spices as well as dozens of Kosher sea salts, pure essential oils, exotic mushrooms, edible seaweed and seaweed powders, green
superfoods such as wheatgrass and chlorella, handcrafted tea blends and so much more!

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