Green tea – For beautiful skin

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Green tea – For beautiful skin

Green tea is more than just short enjoyment of sipping tea. Its just health in a small cup.

As you probably already know, green tea has remarkable effects on health, because among other things, green tea is slowing down aging and inhibits the formation of cancer. But the story does not end here. This gold is green balm for our skin that gives it a shine, treat pimples, cuts and rashes, soothes tired eyes, successfully eliminates body odor and much more.

While vitamin E successfully slowing degeneration of cells due to aging, green tea is in this aspects for 20 times stronger. It contains extremely powerful antioxidants, which control the activity of free radicals that destroy cells and cause many diseases, including cancer.

In addition to a few cups of green tea a day you can also use green tea for body and skin care. We have prepared some useful tips on using green tea.

The relaxation spray of green tea

– 1 cup of green tea leaves
– 1 liter of purified water

Dipp green tea leaves in hot water and soak them for 20 minutes. Cool the green tea and cooked it in a bottle store in the refrigerator.

Green tea spray can be used to cool and refresh the skin (or instead of tonic), to revive tired feet, as an antifungal foot bath, and as a mouthwash for minor cuts, bruises and sunburn, you can use a small cotton ball ans soak it in green tea-bath and put it in the affected site for 15 minutes. Another of the possible uses is to refresh tired eyes, for which use the cotton wool soaked in green tea drain it well and place it on eyes for 10 minutes. If you have pimples, you can also use cotton wool soaked in green tea around those areas that are affected by pimples.

Green tea as an xcellent feet and legs refreshener

When you cook green tea leaves do not discard them after cooking, dry tem, brake them down and spread them in the shoes an socks, that will maintain your feel healthy and fresh. You can also use old stockings, and fill them up with dry green tea leaves and place them in the shoes

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