Green tea side effects vs benefits

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Question by Dragoad: What are the side effects of green tea?
I have been drinking green tea in average 3 times a day. Will it have any side effects to my health?
By your answers, I see there isn’t much of side effects. So What are the best it can do to one?

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Answer by Jon

I don’t think there are any side effects execpt negative side effects that can be attributed directly to its caffeine content. If you have to be sensitive to caffeine, make an effort to try out green tea in smaller quantities before taking a large dose.  Heart rate and blood pressure can peak, as well. If this is the case, taking smaller quantities, more often. Another potentional side effect is inability to Fall or Stay Asleep.   Similar when you were to drink to much of coffe  or a caffenated drink before bed, it’s going to be tough to settle down and get some sleep.  Other then that, just be smart when you first start taking green tea.

On the other hand it is now known that there are few primary reasons why we age. These are free radicals caused by oxidation, protein destroying glycating molecules, methylation, inflammation, and DNA degeneration. The benefits of green tea extract combined with the power of these other natural ingredients will go a long way toward improving the quality of your life. You will quickly notice that not only do you feel much better physically, but you will begin to perform much better mentally too. The rewards of using such a product just go on, and on.

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