Health benefits of green tea extract

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Health benefits of green tea extract

What is Green Tea Extract?

Green Tea Extract is made from green tea leaves.  The leaves contain many antioxidant ingredients, mainly green tea catechins.  Green Tea has become very popular lately by those looking to prevent free radical damage to their bodies to help them look and feel young and healthy.  Green Tea Extract is used for four primary reasons, as an antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, and anti-radiation.

Will Green Tea Extract be used for treating cancer?

The anti-cancer properties of Green Tea Extract have made it very popular among scientific researchers. Green Tea Extract showed inhibitory effects on cancer cells, as well as the ability to block the cell cycle of cancer cells and induce programmed cell death. Green Tea Extract has also seems to have anti-radiation properties. Although Green Tea Extract shows great potential for anticancer capacity it is not used alone as a chemotherapy agent for cancer treatment.

Green Tea Extract as a preservative?

Because Green Tea Extract is so high in antioxidants, scientists have been working on ways of using it as a food additive for preserving a wide variety of foods. Green Tea Extract is already being used as a preservative for what is called a Moon Cake. Green Tea Extract seems to not only increase the shelf life of the cake but also improve the flavor! In other experiments, Green Tea Extract is being tested on its ability to prevent apple juice and other foods from microbial contamination.

What else is Green Tea Extract good for?

Green Tea Extract contains a wide-range of anti-inflammation characteristics, so it may be helpful in treating chronic inflammatory states. Green Tea Extract may also be effective in oral hygiene maintenance.

How much Green Tea should I take?

Green Tea Extract supplements are available by just about everyone now days. Typical supplementation is 300-400mg which is equivalent to about 5 cups of Green Tea. Potency varies quite a bit amongst Green Tea Extract manufactures with some being about half as potent as others, so it is a good idea to check for the percentage of polyphenols it contains. It is also said to be better to take Green Tea Extract between meals rather than during the meal in order to avoid the decrease of iron absorption.

Is Green Tea Extract safe?

Excessive intake of Green Tea Extract containing caffeine has side effects; a too high concentration may act as a pro-oxidant to damage DNA.  Caffeine may be excluded in Green Tea extract supplements in order to avoid side-effects; “caffeine-free” Green Tea Extract supplements are available nowadays.

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