Green tea in the fight against HIV

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Green tea in the fight against HIV

Green Tea is identified for its effects on different types of Cancer. It has been clinically proved that it has a great effect on the growth cells unquestionably Herbal teas are the ones thatĀ  are very essential for the intimates in the long operate. As the demand for the tea is increasing in the market, intimates are also trying for the better solutions which will help them keep fit and help them in taking care of their shape. These are the tea which are very essential for people as they are very helpful in protecting their lives and keep health very shielding. The market for the tea is ever increasing and is being paid broader and broader day by day. The facet is the nearly all important aspect in the watch of the people these days.

Scientists found a ingredient known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) prevents HIV from binding to immune sequence cells by being paid there first. Once EGCG has bound to immune system cells here is no room for HIV to take purchase in its commonplace fashion. Though, experts assumed the joint UK and US handiwork, which appears in the Edition of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, was at a highly preliminary juncture. Researcher Professor Mike Williamson, of the Academe of Sheffield, supposed: “Our research shows that consuming green tea may possibly reduce the threat of becoming infected by HIV, and may possibly similarly slow ingest the distributed of HIV.

It is not a cure, and nor is it a secure way to evade infection, however, we suggest that it should be used in combination after conventional medicines to increase facet of life for individuals infected. Future research is also nowadays under way in specie’s to determine how much result can be received from different amounts of tea.”

More work needed

Keith Alcorn, senior editor of the Aidsmap web benefit, assumed tests on animals would be needed before any conclusions may possibly be safely diagrammatic on the possible shielding effect of drinking green tea. This study only looks at the expertness of a chemical in green tea to chuck HIV bandage to human CD4 immune cells in the test tube. Many substances shown to prevent HIV infection in the test tube turn out to have little or no result in real life, thereby I think here’s a long way to go previous anyone should rely on green tea to protect against HIV infection.

Lisa Power, president of device’s at the HIV charity, Terrence Higgins Entrust said: “Condoms keep HIV at bay. Whatever thing that boosts your immune system is beneficial for people after HIV, except green tea can’t be a substitute for correct medication and prevention techniques. Green tea has been linked to a positive outcome on a wide variety of conditions, counting heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s


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