Green tea can be replacement for coffee

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Green tea can be replacement for coffee

Coffee has both positive and negative effects on our health. Obviously it is crucial the quality and quantity of coffee beans. Coffee dehydrates us, so if you drink coffee you need to have beside it also a  glass of water. In addition, you can raise cholesterol and increase insulin levels, coffee increases the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, stomach cancer and leukemia and damage of blood vessels.

Coffee also stimulates your adrenal gland, the frequent consumption of coffee, may completely pump out adrenal gland. When this occurs, the body is looking for replacement of the hormones and usually resort to progesterone, which are controlled by estrogen in the body, so it can be dangerous that the level becomes too high, wich can lead to osteoporosis and other problems.

Full pesticides

Due to exceptional amounts of coffee consumed in the world, its grains are often heavily polluted with pesticides, which provide better and higher yields. It is very important that we enjoy coffee from controlled and organic cultivation.

Caffeine is deceptive

Caffeine really invigorates you, but only for a short time, with time caffeine can destroy your natural energy sources, such as vitamin B. Constantly caffeine consumption can lead to insomnia, high blood pressure, lack of calcium and iron, and other problems. If you like the taste of coffee, but you want to avoid caffeine, than you can drink delitious and quality grain coffee.

Green tea – A healthy alternative to coffee

Quality cup of green or white tea is a great alternative to coffee as a warm morning drink. Green tea is healthier than black, because the latter contains more caffeine and unhealthy florid. Green teas are less processed than black and include more high-quality antioxidants, while white tea alone are dried in the sun and even richer in antioxidants.

Green and white teas can improve the functioning of the immune system, slow aging, alleviate autoimmune disease, they help to prevent cancer and in general have a great impact on our health. They are also excellent for people who struggle with excess weight, they help regulate digestion and fat metabolism.

What about caffeine?

Caffeine in green tea contains a natural protein, tannin, which acts against the ill effects of caffeine. Moreover, this things are in significantly low proportions in green teas, so its completely harmless for the body , unless you are pregnant or breast-feeding

Careful in the choice of green tea

If your green tea is brown, oxidized, then it is not the good quality of a green tea and does not deserve the title Green tea.

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