How can green tea help with dieting?

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How can green tea help with dieting?

Researches done for the American newspaper »Clinical Nutrition« have shown that green tea can speed up your metabolism and dissolve fat without increased heart rate. This means that you can have quick digestive tract without any danger to your heart and blood vessels. In other words, green tea allows faster consumption of energy consumed without adverse effects on your health.

Surely you are wondering how much tea you can drink. Here some experts shared the opinion. Some recommend up to ten cups a day, others up to three and a third again recommend four to five cups. It is the best to just follow your feeling and dont overdo with drinking too much. Drink as much tea as you think it is the best for you.

Green tea reduces the so-called »Bad« cholesterol and also increases the content of these »Good« cholesterol in the blood. As a result, those who regularly drink green tea, eat more food with high levels of cholesterol and yet they still have lower cholesterol levels. However, it also reduces blood sugar, which can defend you agains diabetes or it improves the symptoms of diabetes.

Numerous studies have been made to scientifically confirm the good ingredients of green tea. As a result, research has indicated that the energy consumption of tea in users was increased by three per cent after ingestion. In addition to weight loss with green tea, this will further take care of your body active ingredients as we obtained before the development of Alzheimer’s disease, flu and various colds, green tea can strengthen the immune system. Some just enjoy tea for its healing effects.

Dr. Perricone claims that coffee contains organic acids that raise blood sugar, raise insulin. The latter is responsible for the retention of fat in the body. With green tea body also gets the right amount if caffeine”dose”and lower insulin levels, which will contribute to an additional consumption of excess fat.

Some people wonder whether it is better to buy tea in supermarkets or over the Internet. In general, green teas purchased in supermarkets are lower quality than purchased over the Internet or in specialized stores. If you prefer to buy what you see rather go to a specialized store that provides you with quality.

As shown in green tea is not just a fad”drink”but its great with trengthening the immune system of you, and also stimulates the tranquilizing effect. Green tea is not a”magic”substance with which we can lose weight just like that. Plug it into your diet, which will certainly have great effects.

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