Green tea ice cream

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Green tea ice cream

I have only recently discovered the culinary art of cooking with tea and want to explore more about it. Today I did some experimenting and researching of making green tea ice cream. I have often had Matcha tea ice cream and loved it. Just the thought of drinking hot green tea in those hot summer days feels very absurd. Well If you are one of the lovers of ice cream and green tea I have a recipe for homemade ice cream flavored with green tea.


–         2 eggs

–         3 table spoons of sugar

–         1-2 table spoons of powdered green tea (Matcha or Sencha)

–         2 table spoons of hot water

–         50 ml of water

Instead of Matcha tea, Sencha tea can be also used in powder form. That kind of tea is in general used a lot in the kitchen. Sencha tea is popular in Japan and has a noticeable rolled or curled shape which comes from the way it is processed and dried.


Mix the eggs in the container. Add the sugar and water (50 ml) and stir it well. Place the mixture on the stove at a low heat and stir until the mixture thickens (do not let to boil). When the mixture is thick mix green tea powder and two tablespoons of hot water and add that to the thick mixture. Mix together until it is slightly cool. During this beat together cream but not too much. The cream must have only lightly inflated texture. When you are finished with cream, add it now a little bit chilled mixture and mix well. Once you have all this done, take another container (I suggest a flat bottom one) and pour into melted ice cream. Place in a freezer and than we need to stir the ice cream every 15-20 minutes with the blender. This will achive that ice cream will become nice and creamy and not too stiff. After a few hours you will get a tasty ice cream, which you can enjoy in the hot summer days.

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