Green tea – Preventing cancer

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Green tea – Preventing cancer

The impact study in the journal Cancer Research, European researchers found out why green tea protects against certain cancers. One of the active ingredients of tea Polyphenol compounds or Sat. catechins, which come into our body in the form of antioxidants. Polyphenols prevent cell damage, as well as part of trying to fix bugs. damage done by free radicals.

Green tea contains one of the most powerful antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). They found that EGCG even in small quantities stops the growth of cancer cells and that the EGCG in neutralizing free radicals compared to vitamin C is 100 times stronger as compared to vitamin E.

In the case of cancer, in addition to antioxidant effects in studies are also identified other mechanisms of action. The active ingredients of green tea inhibit various enzymes involved in tumor formation (eg, enzymes involved in the neoplasm of blood vessels and formation of metastases), but also affect the expression of genes that are responsible for correcting errors or. shortcomings in the regulation of cellular processes.

Especially, EGCG contains dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), an enzyme that is essential for the formation of DNA in the two cells, both normal and cancerous. Because cancer cells grow faster than ordinary cells and share higher levels of DHFR, DHFR Scientists have decided exploring EGCG, because they discovered similarities in the structure as a successful anti-cancer medicine. As it turns out that their research is worth it. Not only that EGCG kills cancer cells, they are not bound so strongly to DHFR as methotrexate, thus reducing side effects on healthy cells. EGCG is also a possible starting point for a new cancer medicament.

Did you know?

All green teas produced from the same crop of tea (Camellia sinensis Latin), an evergreen plant in China and India. Both – green and black tea – but they have different method of processing tea leaves. Tea belongs to the family of  tea plant (Theaceae) – These are trees or shrubs with large, beautiful and highly fragrant flowers. The tea plant, which is characterized by high resistance to drought and cold. It is evergreen, rich in branched shrub that can reach the size of the wild trees. It grows in the size of the bush, in order to facilitate the harvesting of leaves.

Most of green tea is produced in China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Russia and Sri Lanka. Province of Assam in northeastern India is the largest in the world, where they grow all kind of teas. In Asia the tea is known for over 3000 years. First, they used fresh tea leaves to prepare the drink, and then in the future they began to dry tea leaves.

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