Green tea – Tips and tricks for more pleasure

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Green tea – Tips and tricks for more pleasure

Correct temperature for green tea

The higher the quality of gree tea, the lower the water temperature and the longer the soaking time. The water should be boiled and cooled again at the appropriate temperature. If the water is too hot, the contents of the destroyed tea, green tea becomes bitter and may be unpalatable. High quality teas are still pouring water that has less than 80 ° C.  If you do not have a thermometer by your hand, here are two tips and tricks to determine the water temperature:

– When we pour boiled water in cold pot, the pot usually loses about  7 ° C.
– If you leave an open kettle of water, then after 10 minutes the temperature will drop to 80 ° C.

Pay attention to the time of irrigation

Attention for the black and green teas: If you want to pour tea and come back after 5 or 10 minutes, your green tea will probably be pretty bitter and undrinkable. Most real green tea has a very short period of time watering – usually 1 to 3 minutes. Some teas are better quality and can be left long time – but only at low temperatures.
Green tea can be soaked in the pot little longer. However, if you let your sencha tea steeped for longer than 5 minutes, this will no longer be as tasty as it should be – tea will become bitter. Japanese teas are good when they are properly prepared they are a little bitter and develop a unique flavor to any sauce.

The first soaking

Have you read or heard that in Asia they threw away the whole tea after first soaking? This was true, but now they are also using other techniques by preparation of green teas. These stories come from history, namely, when tea was not as clean and hygienic product and people wanted the tea leaves to get ‘washed’. Otherwise, the quality of tea depends on region of origin. But they are definitely one of the best Japanese teas that are very clean. First soaking has usually the best flavor.

More of the same tea toppings

True quality teas may pour three or even four times. Simply increase the temperature of the water each time and duration of irrigation tea. For each increase in temperature is part of the new compounds extracted from green tea leaves, and thus develop a new flavor and taste. For this reason, several toppings are especially recommendable.

Warning: If you want to pour the same tea several times, do it in the shortest possible time. Avoid pouring the same tea in the morning and then again in the evening. If the wet tea leaves behind a long time, is becoming an ideal medium for the development of various germs and bacteria. Do you pour of green tea back immediately or discard the leaves. Green tea should the ceremony in which you can enjoy and revitalize the body. For this is usually  recommended only fresh green tea.

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