Green tea used in the kitchen

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Green tea used in the kitchen

Green tea is Asian delicacy that contains caffeine, bound to a tannin. This gently and slowly penetrates through the body, so its effect is long lasting. It contains many vitamins and antioxidants that protect cells against various diseases, including cancer. Tannins strengthens the skin and regulates its acidity, it gives hair a silky shine.

Already in ancient times, the green tea was used to cure headaches, asthma, colds, but it was also used to prevent sickness. If you flushed your teeth with it, that can prevent inflammation in the oral cavity and tooth decay. It also increases mental abilities.

Tibetans call green tea  “foam of green jewel.” Most is green tea is produced in China, Japan, Morocco, Tunisia, and is also popular among Russians, rich and poor people. In England drinking tea became the whole culture. Who has not heard of the English tea at five o’clock?

Green tea should be carefully prepared with fresh boiling water, after boiling we need to cool the water to 80 ° C and then pour over green tea in in the tea kettle. Leave to stand for 2-3 minutes, then strain into another container. This gives the drink with a rich aroma and taste divine. Served in a fine, porcelain cups tastes even better. Serving next to milk and, optionally, also sugar. Highlight of the ceremony are also sweet and delitious pasteries that we can serve beside green tea.

If you invite friends to tea, let us take more time than for the casual coffee. For such purposes, we buy tea in the tea specialist shops, where we will also advise on how to prepare a mixture purchased. Since green tea contains much zinc and copper, is also a useful drink for mothers.

With green tea you can also cook. It goes perfectlty with rice. During cooking of rice put in the water green tea leaves. The rice has especially nice flavour when we put in the water green tea with jasmine. When the rice is served, you can add a little soy sauce or olive oil.

Forget the basil pesto. For this goodness (which is optionally diluted with water in salad dressing), can be used to dry tea leaves. Grind them into powder and mix well with a cup of butter and sesame butter made from sunflower seeds. Add a pinch of salt, mix and store it in a tightly closed jar. It can be used as a spread on bread or crackers, pasta.

We can add green tea leaves in the jams that we prepared in autumn or in summer cocktails. Tiramisu with gren tea and ice cream from green tea is also a very interesting combination. Its nothing wrong if we experiment on our own recipes with using also this traditional Asian substance green tea.

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