Metabolizer: Green tea and calories

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Metabolizer: Green tea

Green tea is a delightful collection of several components. Green tea is excellent metabolizer with reduction of the calories. It has in it so far counted more than 300 different substances: minerals with trace elements values, vitamins, essential oils, caffeine, theophylline, tannins, phenolic acids and flavonoids. Among all those componets, the sicence put their focus in the spotlight type catechins. For what and against what the benefits of green tea are is a long list, which is due to intensive research still increasing. In short: green tea is a drink for the overall protection of the body against civilization diseases and to encourage high given the nature of physical resistance, great metabolizer and a fighter against calories. According to past studies, mostly thanx to EGKG, green tea protects us against cardovascular diseases (among other things, lowers blood cholesterol levels) and to inhibit or prevent the growth of tumors and cancerous tissue.

At the same time green tea is an important protection against the effects of exposure to natural and artifical radioactivity. Besides, antiviral and antibacterial effects and protects against influenza and respiratory infections, green tea is a good metabolizer. It also promotes metabolism and thus self-cleaning ability of the body. Research done for the american newspaper »Clinical Nutrition« claims that green tea can seepd up your metabolism and dissolves fat without increased heart rate. This means that you can have quick digestive tract without any danger to your heart and blood vessels. In other words, green tea allows faster consumption of energy, green tea helps to reduced the calories without adverse effects on your health.

Surely you are wondering how much green tea you can drink. Here, experts share different opinions. Some recommend up to ten cups a day, others up to three and a third again recommend four to five cups a day. Green tea reduces the so-called »bad« cholesterol and also increases the content of the »good« cholesterol in the blood. As a result, those who regularly drink green tea, eat more food with high levels of cholesterol and yet still have lower cholesterol levels. However, green tea can also reduce blood sugar or diabetism which can be very dangrous to our health. Green tea can improve the symptoms of diabetes and helps reduce the calories.

Numerous studies have been made to scientifically confirmed that green tea has a lot of good ingredients. One of them has done researcher William Rumpler, to demonstrate the substance of tea on the body. As a result, research has indicated that the energy consumption of tea in users was increased by three per cent after ingestion. In addition to weight loss with green tea, this will further take care of your body. Green tea helps us to defeat the development of Alzheimer’s disease, flu and various colds, it helps to strengthens the immune system. But some people just enjoy green tea for its healing effects.

Some people wonder whether it is better to buy tea in supermarkets or over the internet. In general, green teas purchased in supermarkets have lower quality than onse that are purchased over the internet. Good qualitative green teas are easy to find in specialized stores. Green tea is defenitely just a short fad »drink«, but is great with strengthening our immune system and it also stimulates to burn the calories. Green tea is not a »magic« substance with which to lose weight just like that. Adding green tea in your diet, will certainly have an additional effect.

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