Sencha green tea – Exciting your senses

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Sencha green tea – Exciting your senses

There is a growing list of beverages to choose from around the world. Despite this continued growth, more and more tea varieties are still being discovered and found by avid tea drinkers. In fact, one of the most popular Japanese tea is the Sencha green tea. Japan is well known to be the origin of top quality teas. Many kinds of green tea come from Japan and the most common is the Sencha green tea. This variety of tea originated from Shizuoka region. Sencha literally means “roasted tea” and it refers to tea leaves that are not specifically grounded and which resembles the shape of green beans.

The Process of Making Sencha Green Tea

1. The leaves are steam-pressed for 15-45 minutes. This is done to prevent oxidation of leaves.

2. They are rolled into thin, needle-like leaves to create the thin-blade appearance of the tea.

3. Lastly, the leaves are pan-fired to improve the preservation of the dried leaves and enhance flavor.

What Tea Lovers Love about Sencha Green Tea

Tea lovers who enjoy a cup of Sencha tea prefer this healthy drink mainly because of its strong, slightly sweet tea taste. The aroma of Sencha green tea is light floral or vegetal. For tea drinkers who love their tea with a hint of bitter flavor, you can increase the brewing temperature. A higher brewing temperature means greater astringency that can beat the natural sweetness of the tea.

The Health Benefits of Sencha Green Tea

The foremost benefit that you can get from Sencha green tea is antioxidants. This is true to other teas as well. The most common antioxidant is catechins which have the most potent antioxidant activity. It is a hundred times better than Vitamin C or E. Studies show that catechins slow down the process of aging and have anti-cancer properties. More healthy elements present in Sencha green tea are theanins which are amino acids that have relaxing effect on one’s mood, reduce stress and give an overall calmness and peaceful state of mind.

If you want to boost your immune system, Sencha green tea can help you achieve this. It’s also recommended for people with diabetes and those wanting to lose weight. It is also very beneficial for repairing skin damage and fights tooth decay. Sencha green tea is a fabulous green tea fit for the summer particularly when chilled. However, it can be enjoyed at any time of the year whether hot or cold. Revitalize and excite your senses with Sencha green tea. Ann Trenton has been writing Internet articles on different health subjects for the past several years. She is a registered nurse who began writing stories as a little girl. She enjoys writing articles and blog posts about tea and tea time.

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