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Love Handles and Thigh Exercises with NO GREEN TEA OR ACAI BERRY!?

Question by Dawn: Love Handles and Thigh Exercises with NO GREEN TEA OR ACAI BERRY!?
Please don’t answer with green tea or acai berry please don’t because I can’t and won’t use it. All I want are various exercises that I can do to tone up my butt, thighs, and take away my love handles in two to three moths! Please also list how many times I should do them each day! And please no green tea, acai berry, ordering, pills, or anything like that! Thank you!

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Answer by *Witch* girl?
You need a lifestyle change, NOT A DIET! You need to focus on getting your eating habits under control and doing a little of exercise everyday to keep in shape FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! (when I say changing eating habits – I mean eating less and more often)

eat about 1200-1500 calories a day (at first). Keep a calorie diary of every day – it doesn’t have to fancy, just a notebook; also list the diary your water/liquids intake (you need atleast 64 oz.). AND don’t worry to much about what TYPE of food it is your eating (because u need to get used to eating regular food – just making the portions smaller! if you just keep a calorie count, you can eat anything u want – even chocolate and ice cream and doughnuts! but only a little!) when you’re happy with the way you look slowly progress back into 1800-2200 calories a day. DO NOT JUMP RIGHT BACK INTO EATING THAT MUCH! progress in the course of a week or so. Then keep trying to keep track of your calories everyday onward (you don’t need to write everything down at the 1800 point, but you should at least be aware of how much you eat of each thing you’re eating.) REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR PORTIONS LOW!

exercise! – not too much because you need to able to do this for the rest of your life (when you start exercising a lot, your body gets used to it, and when you stop your metabolism drops). Do a little cardio every day in the morning and maybe an exercise video in the afternoon/evening (if you’re a man/guy looking to buff up – eat LOTS of protein powders and shakes [without eating too much fat] and research different types of exrcises to buff wut u want on livestrong.com). AND! get a stretching book from the liabrary so that your aren’t as sore after you workout! STRETCHING IS VERY IMPORTANT!

GO HERE – http://www.livestrong.com/ for a lot more tips (livestrong.com)
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