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Green tea and caffeine amount

Green tea and caffeine amount

A lot of experts recommend to take no more then 30 ml of caffeine per day. If we compare green tea with other drinks that have caffeine such as soft drinks and coffee, green tea has steady and gentle amount of caffeine with very little typical side effects of caffeine such as headaches and nervousness. Unlike coffee, caffeine works in other way around in the body then in the coffee. That is because green tea consist L-theanine. This is a special amino acid that has a very relaxing effect on our brain.

There are few sorts of green tea’s that are produced in a way that they have low amounts of caffeine. Few of that kind of tea’s are Japanese genmaicha, Japanese houjicha and Japanese Bancha. A cup of green tea has inside around 75 or 15 ml of caffeine. It is recommended that people drink green tea in small amounts and then it is good to observe how you react on the caffeine. If a person will feel relaxed and calm then they will know that green tea is good for them and they can gradually adjust amounts of green tea.

For those who suffer from caffeine intolerance there is one great solution. You can buy loose green tea, that will allow you of how many green tea leaves will go in your tea. A lot of people put in a water around two or one teaspoons of green tea, if you can’t stand that much caffeine you can cut that in half and use for start only half of one tablespoon per cup.