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Is flavored loose leaf green tea okay for weight loss?

Is flavored loose leaf green tea okay for weight loss?

My husband and I recently got turned on too loose leaf teas. I wanted to start drinking the green tea to add on to my weight loss regemine. And I’ve been looking into the flavored loose leaf green teas. Mostly “Vanilla Green tea” from Adagio. Do you think that would make the tea less effective, or not efffect it at all? Like I said I’m new to the loose leaf teas, (I’ve never been much of a tea drinker until I tried my first cup of loose leaf tea last weekend.) Any help would be very much appreciated!

1. The tea itself has no calories. As far as the flavoured tea goes, it might depend on the flavouring agents used (though I’m guessing it’s still pretty minimal–I have flavoured bagged teas that have 0 calories as well. For what it’s worth, Adagio uses a lot of natural ingredients, real fruit & vanilla beans, etc.). It should not affect the benefits & properties of the tea, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If you can’t find the nutritional information on their website, you should contact Adagio to get the nutritional value of their flavoured teas. They have excellent customer service.As far as the other health benefits of tea are concerned, loose leaf teas are much better for you than bagged teas, which contain highly-processed, low-quality tea.