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Can any flavor of green tea help with weight loss?

Question by browngirl: Can any flavor of green tea help with weight loss?
Or does it have to be plain green tea?

I was just wandering because I drink different kinds of tea, like Cranberry Pomegranite and Mixed Berry.

Best answer:

Answer by Trevor Benson
Green tea and “Red” Tea can help you with your weight loss by raising your metabolism for a while (due to their theine content and other properties they have).
Even other teas can help you lose weight, but green and “red” ones are best.
You can just drink any kind of flavored tea, as long as it’s a flavored green tea.
Usually green tea comes in this flavors because… well, have you ever drank green tea by itself?
It’s not that good, mainly because the tea you find at your local store is java green tea.
It’s a strong flavored green tea, so i also advise you to try some chinese green tea because it’s way less bitter.
I also advise you to drink the “red” teas because they also help you losing weight; teas like:
– Pu-Ehr Tea varieties
– Dian Hong Tea
– Tuocha Tea

ps. when I’m talking about “red” tea I’m not talking about the South African Rooibos. Even if it’s commonly called “red tea”, it’s not a tea and doesn’t help in losing weight. But it’s good to drink because it has more antioxidant properties than green tea and has a good flavor.

pps. Just for the sake of completion and curiosity: chinese red teas like Pu-Ehr and Dian Hong are in fact black teas. They are referred to as red teas because after processing they become of a reddish colour.

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In Japan, the traditional green tea served at sushi bars is called agari (あがり). Do you know what type of Japanese green tea is it?

It’s konacha. Mainly because its low price, coupled with the fact that in most traditional Japanese restaurants tea is actually free.