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Varieties of green tea

Varieties of green tea

Japanese green tea

Japanese green tea is unfermented because they are steaming tea leaves on the heat soon after harvesting them, and thus they destroy the enzymes that trigger fermentation. Tea is also very green. The most known Japanese green teas, which are present in our markets are:

Sencha: a refreshing tea that feels good all day with a strong flavor and more tein and tannins.
Bancha: a more bitter taste with less caffeine, so it is suitable for children.

Chinese Green Tea

Chinese green tea is fermented tea, it has a light yellow to yellow-orange color. Chinese green tea has many species, the most common, which can be bought in specialized shops are:

Hin Gunpowder: is one of the most popular tea, which has the leaves in a shape of a small ball. The tea has a bitter fresh taste and is very invigorating.

Lung Chin: it has very mild, sweet taste with a refreshing and cooling effect. It is very suitable in hot days.

Mao Feng: This tea is very drinkable, you can drink this tea all day long.

Pai-tan him: not quite green tea, white tea but since the processing remains unchanged. The drink is pale yellow and with soft subtle taste without sharpness. China is the largest green tea producer in the world, it produces 75 percent of the world crop.

Synthetic versions of green tea

On the market are more and more perfumed and flavored green teas. They put in green teas different aromas in a form of oils and essences or pieces of dried fruit. You can get green tea flavored with jasmine, japanese cherry, vanilla, lemon, mint, etc.

Tea in filter bags or only in sheets?

The quality of both packaged and loose teas is quite varied, as is evidenced by the price of tea. Demerit of tea in filter bags is the fact that the client can not see the contents of the bag. This allows the manufacturer to make a tea bag full of dust, which is a residue from the processing of tea and so we can not compare this with high-quality teas. The positive side of tea in filter bags is definitely in the pipeline, since it can not be filtrated.

Effects of green tea on health with great substances which contain green tea leaves, which when properly prepared come to tea, have many positive effects on health and well-being.