Ten Tea Therapies

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With antioxidants that fight cancer and aging, tea has been shown to have health benefits. Whether its vitamin C, fighting illness and colds, or polyphones, reducing plaques and aiding digestion, teas have healing properties. The following ten tea therapies serve as an all-natural method of treating or preventing ailments.

Green Tea

Coming in many varieties, green tea contains enormous nutritional benefits. Jasmine green tea, Jasmine Dragon Pearl, Green Peony and Roasted Japanese green tea are all varieties of this potent health aid. High in nutrients and minerals, the green tea is dried using hot air and pan fried, instead of fermented, preserving the naturally occurring nutrients. Both vitamin C and fluoride are found in green tea. These help boost the immune system and strengthens teeth and bones.

Oolong Tea

This full-bodied tea from mature tress is best known for helping indigestion and lowering cholesterol. The leaves are partially fermented by leaving the leaves in the shade and left to wither to remove remaining moisture. This tea has a sweet, fruity aroma and is found in the varieties of Jasmine Oolong tea, Ice Peak oolong tea, Hairy Crab oolong tea and WUYI Rock tea.

White Tea

Unfermented, the leaves are still young and covered in down. This variety is steamed and sun dried allowing a high concentration of cancer fighting chemicals. Its name comes from the silver/white color produced because the leaves are still down covered. Varieties of white tea include Silver Needle, White Peony, and Jasmine Silver Needle.

Black Tea

Most popular in the Western world, black tea is fully fermented creating the dark color. Black tea can vary in taste from flowery, to fruity, to spice or nutty. Containing powerful antioxidants, black tea is known to reduce the risk of stroke and clogged arteries. Varieties include Black Tea, Rose Black Tea, English Breakfast Tea, and Earl Grey Black Tea.

Chamomile Tea

Fruity and aromatic, this tea is from the daisy family. It is known to relieve toothaches, insomnia, muscle tension, and skin irritations.

Rosebud Tea

Another floral tea, this tea is made from rosebuds. With a sweet, floral aroma and test, rosebud tea is often brewed with other teas. The essential oils in rosebud tea increase blood circulation

Wild Holy Tea

Because of its bitter taste, wild holy tea is more often used medicinally. This tea detoxifies the body, increases blood flow and digestion, and if taken regularly can be of help in controlling blood pressure and obesity.

Milk Tea

Aiding in overall health, milk tea and Indian black tea are often mixed with milk and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. This is very popular in India and Sri Lanka.

Red Tea

This African tea is caffeine free and rich in antioxidants. This type has been shown in research to boost the immune system. Varieties include Florida Orange Red Tea, Organic Cape Red Tea, Organic Green Red Tea, and Organic Green Summer Red Tea.

Paraguay Mate

This South American tea is brewed with spices is often sipped through a straw from a gourd. Paraguay Mate is used to help with depression, digestion, and energy level.

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