Types of Earl grey tea

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Types of Earl grey tea

Earl Grey tea was created in the seventeenth century and remained the same with no variations for years. The blend was simply a fine loose leaf black tea combined with a hint of bergamot oil. This particular tea was named after the second Earl Grey, who also happened to be the Prime Minister of Britain. While there are many stories of how the tea became originally to be blended, there is no way of knowing for sure why it was created.

Earl Grey tea uses the oil of bergamot if it is a true version of this tea. Bergamot is originally from Southeast Asia but now is a commercially grown citrus fruit in Italy. This creates a naturally sweet tea that has easily become one of the most popular tea blends available. Cooks too have found that Earl Grey tea can be used in recipes where it makes adds a unique sweet taste to cookies and cakes. For those looking for variations of the classic Earl Grey there are many modern twists for the tea lover to sip on. While some of these blends are not true Earl Greys as per the original name they are similar to the palette making them appealing to those who love the classic taste.

1.  Earl Grey Green Tea - this variety of Earl Grey does not use bold black tea but instead substitutes quality loose leaf green tea for a lighter flavor with still that sweet citrus taste.

2. Lady Grey Tea – with lemon and Seville orange along with the traditional Earl Grey this tea is popular with those who are looking for a citrus filled sweet tea.

3. Rooibos Earl Grey Tea – this delicious tea takes the sweet and nutty flavor of red or rooibos tea and combines it with bergamot oil to appeal to a whole new crowd of tea lovers.

4. White Earl Grey – white tea is one of the most subtle, mild teas available and with a touch of bergamot this makes for a excellent breakfast or dessert tea to be enjoyed.

Lose leaf Earl Grey tea is just like any other tea on the market, to get the best flavor you need to buy teas made from premium tea leaves. Unfortunately most of the teas at the store just do not have good flavors making a cup of tea that does not have a lot of flavor. To get the best in tea shop specialty shops for the best loose leaf teas that use superior ingredients such as real bergamot oil and not artificial flavors. This will create a cup of tea that you will be proud to serve to your guests.

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