Usage of green tea leaves

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Usage of green tea leaves

Many people buy green tea because of its great taste and proven beneficial effects. The best green tea is prepared from tea leaves, which are usually discarded after use. Especially green tea leaves are used for many other things. Here are some simple tips that will convince you that the tea leaves are very useful in any household. After preparation of green tea, tea leaves need to get dry, preferably with the sun. Wet leaves are useless, but they soon begin to rot. When green tea leaves are once dry, they can be used for various tasks.

1.  For example, as a means of removing bad odors. It is best if you wrap the leaves gently in a soft fabric and put it in a room, the shoes, or even in the refrigerator and soon green tea leaves will take on all the unpleasant odors away, leaving behind it a gentle and soothing scent of green tea.

2. Crushed dried tea leaves can be used to clean wooden or glass surfaces, they are an excellent cleaning agent. You can also wrapp crushed green tea leaves in cotton cloth, and then a cloth slightly moistened with it and clean the dirty surface.

3. Dried tea leaves are also excellent anti-stress or cosmetic product. Again put dry green tea leaves in a slight cotton cloth, tie it and place it in a bathtub. By doing this you quickly prepare soothing bath that dispels care, while soothing irritated skin.

4. In traditional Chinese medicine, the pillow, filled with dried green tea leaves is a great tool against high blood pressure and headaches.

5.  In summer time a nice sitting in the garden or the bacony can be interupted by mosquitoes. In this case dry green tea can be also useful, because they are natural and non-toxic agent to repel mosquitoes. Just put in the bowl dry green tea leaves and burn them, mosquitoes and other insects cant stand that kind of smell and they will be far away from you

As you can see dry or fresh green tea leaves are very versatile, and we recommend that you also try any of this advices or even discover a new way to use green tea leaves.

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