Weight loss with acai berry and green tea

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These days we hear a lot about so called superfoods, as green tea and acai berry, that are natural products and have more nutrition and vitamins then whole foods products. In both foods are found many health benefits such as flavonoids and minerals. More research in weight loss and hearth health studies have green tea products. Both green tea and acai berry play one of the major roles in a healthy diet.

Green tea and acai berry are known to be as great weight loss supplements, but it has not been proven if those two products can really help with weight loss. Weight reduction can be promising, with reading a lot of books about green tea effects that promote healthy life style and weight loss. There is still no proff that weight loss is not stimulated by acai berry any more then with other berries.

Anti inflammatory effect of acai berry and green tea

Both green tea and acai berry are anti inflammatory foods even if there is no proff for magical weight loss in acai berry it still has inflammatory effect on the body. Fatty acids are the product of these effects that help decrease allergies, fatty acids in the product are anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. Green tea is possibly decreasing the rick of cancer, in one of many green tea studies they found out that green tea can really protect the body against rheumatoid arthritis.

Both green tea and acai berry have high amount of antioxidants. Still the antioxidant level has the same hight to the levels that were found in raspberries and blueberries. Good reviews of acai berries are also a good marketing strategy. Green tea is pretty good established product and has high level on atioxidants. Green tea antioxidant effects are six times higher then from white and black tea. Antioxidants in green tea help to fight against cancer and are useful in prevention of plaque in the arteries.

Acai berry has not yet shown to help with cardiovascular function, while green tea has shown to increase hearth health. There have been studies that found that green tea can reduce the risk of heart diseases.

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