What is healthy about Natural Green Tea?

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Question by Pretty (Rudegirl): What is radiant approximately Uninhibited Green Tea?
How does it affect you?
Besides the obvious repayment, What else is it interest’s for?

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Answer by gmerida@sbcglobal.lattice
it has plenty of antioxidants.
it strengthens your immunity.

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4 Responses to “What is healthy about Natural Green Tea?”

  • whatagal828 says:

    Contains anti-oxidants – good for you in many ways.

  • Rosebuddy says:

    anti oxidant, in other words it flushes out your system full of the crap!

  • Leeza M says:

    Green tea helps prevent cancer, heart disease and other problems. I know this because I drink Black/Green tea.

  • Henry P says:

    Green Tea is a something that has been steadily growing in popularity for some time now and for good reason. Like many other ancient herbs, Green Tea is loaded with healthy nutrients like antioxidants which help to not only boost your immune system but give you energy and can aid in weight loss.

    Studies have shown that consuming Green tea may boost metabolism and help to burn fat. Some researchers speculate that the ingredients in Green Tea responsible for the herb’s fat burning effects are polyphenols.

    There are a lot of health benefits to green tea. In fact a quick search on Pubmed.com shows over 2,000 studies confirming its health benefits.

    Other benefits also being linked to consuming green tea are cancer prevention, weight loss, antioxidants, increased memory, overall general better health etc. So far I’ve only heard nothing but good news concerning green tea which is helping a lot of people feel great.

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